QUT Robotics Club are proud to present our beloved robots:

ARMageddon R2

A project to add an omniwheel base to the first generation ARMageddon robot.

ARMageddon R1

A project to teach kinematic modelling and hardware skills. Each team designed and fabricated their own remote controlled robot arm.


A social “high-fiving” robot that loves to dance.


An ongoing project to find out what happens when you cross a soccerbot with a spider.


A line-following platform developed to teach coding.

Performance Robots

A series of robots designed to perform at QUT’s Robotronica.

Air Hockey Robot

A project to use computer vision and a robot arm to play against a human at air hockey.

NIARC Competition Robot

A robot built to compete at the NI Autonomous Robotics Competition.

Have an idea for a cool robot?