Programming Microcontrollers in C

Programming is a very important part of robotics, and this workshop introduces the basics of how to program AVR microcontrollers in C. Here we focus on basic C commands and structure, then introduce microcontroller specific concepts like manipulating registers and using interrupts and timers. We’ll start by blinking some LED’s and making some push buttons work, but by the end of this workshop you will learn how to read a datasheet and figure out how to work with microcontrollers for yourself. A jumping off point if you will.


For this workshop we use the Teensy 2.0, some LEDS and push buttons, and a breadboard and wires for prototyping. These are all available through QUT Robotics Club.

Required Software:

WinAVR OR Atmel Studio | Teensy Loader

Learning Resources:

C crash course slides | Teensy_schematic | C Crash Course Examples | C Crash Course MCU Examples

Thanks to Rohan Smith for running this workshop and putting together these resources.