MathWorks Mission On Mars Robot Challenge 2015

QUT Robotics Club is looking to field teams in the MathWorks Mission On Mars Robot Challenge 2015. Below is an excerpt about the competition:

Equipped with a webcam and a distance sensor, the MathWorks Mars Rover will be sent to explore the Martian surface to locate survey sites in a limited time all while avoiding the arena boundary and perilous obstacles. You and your team will be tasked with programming the rover to operate autonomously and to perform its entire survey as quickly as possible.

This year’s competition will take place at the Innorobo robotics conference in Lyon during July 2015.

Teams will be given MATLAB, Simulink, and other toolboxes, as well as a non-optimized Mars Rover simulation model. Each team will submit its improved model to qualify in a simulation round. Qualified teams will move on to round two at Innorobo, where they’ll be given Arduino and Raspberry Pi powered robots to run their algorithms.

For further information, see:

Teams we nominate will have backing and support from QUTRC as well as funding opportunities, and academic support. Contact us to express your interest in this competition, or fill in this form and we will contact you: FORM