Pi Cluster

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The club has in their possession 80+ Raspberry Pi 2bs and 2b+s and what else do you do with this monstrous amount of Pis other than make a compute cluster with them. The purpose of this was to look at the shared computing potential of Raspberry Pis for us to do simulation work off and run remote access Linux Servers for ROS work. This could also be used to see if small clusters of Raspberry Pis would be more beneficial than a Nvidia Jetson Nano.

There were multiple approaches being explored. Micro Kubernetes was a dead end, the docker swarm solution was promising and a third solution was being explored. A combination of the third and second solutions is being considered.

At the moment we have gotten up to 4 Pis to do shared simple math computations which was successful in reducing the computation time but adding more Pis would increase the initial task allocation.


  • Alex Martin
  • Tobias Forster
  • Benjamin Bassa
  • Ryan Malone