Past Projects (2016)

Mission on Mars 2016 | Droid Racing 2016 | NIARC 2016

New projects will be added here throughout the year as they become available. This list is ordered by the final deadline of the project. See each individual page for more information and a sign up form.

Mission On Mars Robot Challenge 2016 – Due 24th April


This project is a competition sponsored by MathWorks, the makers of Matlab. The objective here is not to build a robot; the rover robot, 3-D printed and made with Arduino and Raspberry Pi cards, as well as a simulation model of the robot’s behavior will be provided by MathWorks.  Your objective is to improve the simulation model in order to make the robot as efficient as possible. The most improved simulation models will be selected for the grand final in Paris at end of May, this time using real Rover robots provided to each finalist team. The rover robot will have a mission to explore the surface of Mars by identifying the location of exploration sites on the planet while avoiding obstacles in the fastest possible time.

Prior knowledge of MATLAB and Simulink is not required to participate in this challenge.

Droid Racing Challenge 2016 – Due 28 & 29th June

The QUT Droid Racing Challenge is a new initiative of QUTRC in 2016. The objective is to construct a ground based autonomous droid to race around the path surrounding the Kidney Lawn at QUT Gardens Point Campus at the end of Semester 1. We challenge teams from QUT and other universities from around Australia and New Zealand to build the fastest droid racer. The challenge focuses on robotic vision as the main sensing method for a robot to race around a track and avoid obstacles. A suitable entry level project, this challenge has very few restrictions on what materials and methods teams use to construct and program their robots.

National Instruments Autonomous Robotics Competition 2016 – Due September


The NI ARC is an almost year long project for those interested in seeking out a challenge. It is recommended for those with some experience, but anyone can get involved. The task is to develop an autonomously navigating robot that can manipulate (pick up and drop off) blocks at specific locations as quickly as possible. Teams are required to use NI MyRio development boards and the LabView programming language and developing environment.