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Free trial licences for MATLAB & latest toolboxes

The MathWorks are one of the sponsors for this year’s Droid Racing Challenge(DRC) and are making available trial licenses of MATLAB(and around 80 toolboxes) to ALL teams/students registered in the DRC.  This includes access to some of the most recent toolboxes specific to the challenge, such as the:

You can request a trial license and also access other resources, here:


Test videos of initial track section: 17th May 2017

To give you an idea of the problems encountered by all the teams last year, we created some test videos of the most critical track section (the start). We also recorded some videos of another section of the track, though because of some technical oversights these were not rendered correctly. We’ll be posting more videos in a couple of weeks: let us know if you have any particular requests by sending an email to

Following are three videos of the initial section of the track. Two recorded at 11:00 AM with different light conditions (sunny and cloudy) and one recorded at 1:30 PM. We have recorded a total of 7 videos of this section (even some going in the opposite direction). You can find all the videos here Youtube: Droid Racing Challenge 2017

11 AM – Sunny

11 AM – Cloudy

1:30 PM – 1st of 2 Runs