DRC Sponsors and Supporters

QUT Robotics Club’s Droid Racing Challenge simply could not be possible without our sponsors.  We would very much like to thank our Sponsors for DRC 2022!



MathWorks is the company behind Matlab and Simulink, and supply a lot of support for the Science and Engineering industries.  Their website provides a great deal of support and a community platform for students, enthusiasts and professions to grow and share their knowledge.

MathWorks has put together a great resource page to assist teams in Droid Racing competitions.  Check it out here!
MathWorks have also developed a pack containing some relevant examples in car vehicle modelling and Computer vision.  Download their zip file from Dropbox here!

Mathworks is also offering a sponsored prize for the best implementation of their tools:

Mathworks Prize Rules

Boeing Australia

From their website:

Boeing’s presence in Australia is the company’s largest footprint outside the United States, with more than 3,000 employees in 38 locations. Boeing has the broadest portfolio in Australian aerospace, with its employees and an extensive supply chain supporting our advanced manufacturing of commercial aircraft composite components, defence systems design and development, modeling and simulation, research and development, support and training, and unmanned systems.

QUT Centre for Robotics

The QUT Centre for Robotics (QCR) is sponsoring the 2022 DRC and each year provides expert judges for the Best Robot Design Award judging to ensure the best Droid is awarded this prestigious award and in the past QCR as allowed for guided tours of their world class work facilities and labs. QCR is one of the world’s leading robotic research facilities, focussing on innovation in intelligent robotics, translating research into commercial and societal outcomes, and leading the education, training and development of talent to meet the growing demands for robotics. They are our close collaborators, as well as a valued sponsor and supporter, as many of our students and executives have gone on to research or work there.


Of course, without QUT we would just be “Robotics Club” without further purpose or direction.  Lost in the abyss of gears and gadgets, forever wading through code and context. Our volts would be ageless, our Amps without hours.

Queensland University of Technology runs a “Student Clubs and Projects (SCAP)” program for it’s students, allowing Students the funds to hold events such as DRC 2018.

If you are a current student, go check out the website for details on how to get a SCAP grant yourself!  If you are not – we are truly sorry for your predicament, and encourage you to enroll in the university for the real world at your next opportunity so you can fully participate in the club!