Droid Racing Challenge 2022

Beginning in 2016, QUT Robotics Club has hosted the Droid Racing Challenge – a friendly competition where universities from around Australia and the world are invited to bring their automated bots to traverse an obstacle course!

This year we are back in Brisbane better then ever with a bigger competition! This year we will be introducing team brackets where High School Students, University Students, Higher Degree Research Students and Education Facility Staff may all compete! Please see updated rules at the top of the page for more information!

This years competition will be run from 14/07/22 to 15/07/22 with the first day dedicated to final testing and the second day to our official competition. Please check key dates for more dates.

Link to photos:

2021 DRC QLD Event

2019 DRC Event

Make sure to follow our Facebook for the latest information.  Alternatively join our Discord in the DRC Specific Channel (Utilise the self assign roles in #role-management)

Best of luck to all teams!

For any questions or queries contact us at contact@qutroboticsclub.com

DRC Resources

MathWorks, makers of MATLAB and Simulink, is offering participating teams complimentary software, tutorials, and videos. They are also offering a prize to participants for the best implementation of MATLAB and other MathWorks software. Find out more about how technical computing and Model-Based Design can help you compete:

Mathworks Resources

Mathworks Prize Rules

Other Resources

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