2016 Workshops

Workshops for semester 1 2016 start this Friday 11th of March at 4pm, and will continue every Friday after that. This week’s workshop will be in S517, but check here or the facebook group before each workshop because the location is likely to change week to week.

Workshop 6: Recap and Projects

This workshop will introduce the new executive team, recap what’s been done and how we want to move ahead. It will be important because we’ll be discussing the sumo bots project and potential for drop-in sessions on the usual Thursday evenings and maybe one other timeslot if there’s enough interest. There will also be mention …

Workshop 5: C Programming

Thursday 2nd of April at 17:00–19:00, GP-S519 A C workshop! Programming is a very important part of robotics, and now we’re going to show you the basics of it. The class will focus on basic microcontroller skills like manipulating registers and using interrupts. We’ll just blink some LED’s and push some buttons, but the idea …

Workshop 3: Soldering

March 19, 5pm, GP-S902 For the past two weeks, we’ve been focusing on creating circuits on a breadboard, and then designing it as a PCB circuit. Now we’re going to solder it (noticing a trend?). Please note that due to WHS requirements, it is of utmost importance to wear enclosed shoes.