Projects Added and Updated

We’ve added another project to the list for this year, the Mathworks Mission On Mars Robot Challenge 2016. This is a software challenge, where you optimize a robot’s behaviour in simulation, and if you do well you get to go to France and load it on an actual robot! All projects have been updated with more […]

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Projects Updated

The club project pages have been updated, with last year’s projects archived and a new section for current projects. Find them in the menu. New projects will be added to this page throughout the year as they become available.

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Calendar Updated

The calendar has been updated for 2016 with important academic dates. Look out for updates regarding our workshops and events as we prepare for this year’s robotic endeavors! Find it on the sidebar.  

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Calendar Added

A calendar of events has now been added to the website, so everyone can see exactly what we’re going to be doing, when and where. If you want to join a project, or come to an event, just check the calendar to see what’s on!

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Workshop Resources Added!

See the Resources page to see a whole lot of brand new workshop resources, including the presentation slides, example code, datasheets and required software links from last nights microcontroller programming workshop. Some photos from this workshop have been added too!

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