NQRoS Project Update #2

Some new information has been added to the project page about an extra optional part of the competition: The main competition day will be on Friday May 22nd, but there will also be a “sprint day” on Saturday May 23rd. It is not a requirement that participants stay the extra day for this event, but [...]

Annual General Meeting

We're holding our AGM in a couple of weeks (April 10 from 2-4pm at S408 to be specific). We have a range of positions open, which are listed below. If you are a QUT student, have been a member for at least 6 months, and you feel you are suited to the role(s), send your [...]

Workshop 3: Soldering

March 19, 5pm, GP-S902 For the past two weeks, we've been focusing on creating circuits on a breadboard, and then designing it as a PCB circuit. Now we're going to solder it (noticing a trend?). Please note that due to WHS requirements, it is of utmost importance to wear enclosed shoes.